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Coaching with Sober Society

Each one-on-one session is personally delivered by a coach and is uniquely designed to help you identify your new focus in life. We create an action plan to maximize and harness the areas in your life that need adjusting. We use a unique approach, modern day strategies, tools and tactics you will be able to use to maximize your life to it's next level.

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Benefits of Coaching in Sobriety

It can be easy to reminisce about how life use to be, especially if your current life is not moving anywhere fast. 

Staying sober once you are sober is so much easier if you take your focus off that ONE thing and start to focus on everything else!


Powerful Goals

Create a powerful vision for yourself specifically aimed at conquering the areas in your life that you care about.

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Identify Barriers

Use our methods to identify barriers in your unconscious mind that have been holding your back.

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Needs and Wants

Life is not be about being satisfied with what you need. It also entails a plan to get you what you want. 

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Master Plan

Create a master plan for your life. Map it out and follow the steps to success regarding your health, relationships, prosperity and joy! 

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