Meet The Team


Boca Raton, FL

CEO/Owner of Sober Society, a division of Human Better 365. A speaker, certified mentor, author and woman on a mission. Dedicated to the mental and emotional well being of the human race. Giving her clients whatever products, guidance and mentoring necessary to hit their next level human.


Sabrina Victoria


Miami, FL

Yoga and Pilates instructor certified with ISSA and scientifically proven practices to help you achieve new fitness and wellness levels. Experienced with beginners and thrilled to be introducing mindfulness into the world of sobriety.



Charlotte, NC

Finances and Wealth management arena for over 17 years. Years of creating wealth goals for individuals and families alike. Passionate about money and future endeavors for anyone that wants to listen.



Boca Raton, FL

Certified Life Coach, Dane Michael has been living a life full of adventure and personal development for well over 2 decades. During that time he has chosen to live a sober life while touching the lives of humans of all ages. With his love for teaching flourishing over the years.


dane Michael sober society


Los Angelos, CA

Learning to love yourself after a life of self sabotage. 15 years in the making, after years of substance abuse and unsuccessful business ventures, Matt has come out on top as a successful personal development coach. Trained in MNLP and hypnosis, he is ready to help you make some changes in the right direction, toward your goals.