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Coping with Fear When Getting Sober

It's not easy dealing with fear, no matter what it is regarding. No one enjoys feeling fearful. For those that find comfort in abusing alcohol when fear starts to set in, it can be frustrating not knowing where to turn to when you are working on getting sober or staying sober. Listen in as Sabrina and Dane break down how they deal with fear and different options for early sobriety.

  1. Accept that you are fearful, or have anxiety.

  2. Decide to turn the negative feeling into a positive action. (ie. running)

  3. Learn to mediate and do it often.

  4. Find a coach or mentor, someone you trust to talk to.

  5. Work on deep belly breathing.

We are here for you! If you are interested in learning more about what Sober Society has to offer, click here and find out about our free groups along with one on one coaching offers.

Reach out to us! We are always here for you!

Much Love!

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Reach out to us! We are always here for you!



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