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We do it differently. Here at Sober Society we pride ourselves on being different than the rest. Unlike rehabs that count on you failing in order to keep you in the system, we strive to make sobriety, something that seems impossible, POSSIBLE. Call us for a free consultation, we would love to get you moving forward with this in-home alcohol treatment program that is individualized to support the needs of each client in their current environment. It revolves around the client, their family, friends and work place. In order to ensure success, each area of the clients life is considered when creating the road map to recovery and staying sober for good. Most people click on this video trying to convince themselves they don’t have a problem with alcohol. So let’s just get right to the point. Read these questions and answer honestly. Has anyone ever questioned you about your drinking? Have you ever tried to cut down your drinking and failed? Have you ever missed work as a result of drinking too much the night before ie: hangover? Have you ever made rules about your drinking? Like only on weekends, or only hard liquor no more beer. Have you ever planned your day based on whether alcohol would be available to you, and if it wasn’t, either making sure you could bring some, cutting the night short or canceling the plans all together? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, I’m going to be honest. You have a problem with alcohol. Now unlike the traditional AA meetings and rehabs that are profiting off the alcohol industry, Sober Society does things WAY differently. We do not label our members alcoholics, and in fact we don’t even believe that there is such a thing as an alcoholic.

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