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How to Focus on the Positives

Dane and Sabrina share their thoughts on the importance of focusing on the positives versus focusing on the negative. Sober society is hyper focused on the importance of what you can do now what you can’t do! Reach out to us! We are always here for you!

  1. Focus on the good things - even when things are challenging.

  2. Practice gratitude no matter what. ( starts a gratitude journal)

  3. Find humor everywhere you go, and learn to laugh.

  4. Find positive people, stop hanging around negative people.

  5. Practice self-talk.

  6. What areas are you negative, highlight those areas and stop.

In what ways do you find positivity in your world? Do you have any other ways that you can share?

Do something awesome today!

Much love!

See video here.

Reach out to us! We are always here for you!



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